Silent Hope is a Community Outreach Program that strengthens family bonds by bridging the gap between communication barriers. Here is some of the ways in which we’ve helped.

img_8463SH provides free Conversational Sign Language class to the Community at Orange County Community Recreational Center.

img_8465SH provided free class and support groups for parents with children with special needs.

SH advocates and promotes effective communication.

img_8469SH educates the community about communication barriers and the importance of overcoming those barriers.

img_8467SH taught free Conversational Sign Language class to local churches.

img_8489SH hosted a Holiday dinner to very much deserved group of social services.

img_8487SH works one-on-one with families as they face the challenges life hands them when a baby with a few struggles enters this world.

img_8485SH encourages further education and continued education to improve the quality of your craft/product. Always growing… Always improving.

img_8483SH has volunteered at a National Conference for interpreters for 4 consecutive years. Silent Weekend.

img_8481SH gets involved and engaged with the Community.

img_8479SH partners with Interpreting Agencies to provide services at a local camp for kids.

img_8477SH recruits community interpreters and ITP students to volunteer at community events.

img_8475SH teaching basic sign to Chaplins

img_8473SH facilitated a workshop to hospital Chaplin’s about Deaf culture.


SH partners with local church ministries to provide interpreting services to their Deaf attendees.