To the YOUNGER me,


To the younger you, or the now you, or the future you,

I want to let you know, your life is about to take a drastic turn. 

You are going to feel like a ship that has been shipwrecked on a deserted island.

You will feel overwhelmed, under qualified, inadequate, insufficient, unaccomplished, and alone.

BUT I want to let you in on a secret that you already know but you will forget. 

You are resilient!!!

You are the perfect parent for your child!!!

Please learn to forgive yourself.

There is going to be a day when you go to the OBGYN for an appointment and your little ManCub is going to scream and cry so much and so loud, the doctor and medical staff will refuse to see you. You will be angry with world and it’s creator. You will sit in the waiting room hiding your tears while rocking your son to some sense of calmness . You are going to want to give up; give up on yourself, on your baby, on your family & friends, give up on living, and even give up on God. But I want you to know that when that moment happens you will make it passed that moment. You will walk to your car. You will make it home safe. You will wake up the next morning with new strengths.

Please give yourself permission to not always be ok.

To the NOW me / you

You have had leaps and bounds of successes. You have overcome so much. 

However, there will come a time when you question everything you have thus far. You will encounter thoughts and feelings that will shake your very existence. Did you make the right decisions? Did you make the right choices? Did you make matters worse? Did you shelter too much? Were your expectations unrealistic?

You’re going to walk away from a building where you are forced to leave your ManCub at the mercy of this cruel world. You will wonder if you’re doing the right thing or making matters worse. You will feel the weight of his world on your shoulders. You won’t be strong enough to keep it together. Your heartache will bring you to your knees and leave you without enough air in you lungs. You will feel helpless and will recognize blind spots you didn’t know existed.

Please remember you did the best you could with what you had and with what you knew. 

Please be proud of all you have accomplished thus far, let go of all that you cannot control and all your errors.

To the future me / you


You have done a great work!!!

Close your eyes

Feel the air as you inhale and exhale

Listen to the sound of the wind


YOU HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB!!! Take a moment to look at the past. Look at how far you have come.

You are resilient!!!

You have been the perfect parent for your child all along!!!

Shoulders back

Chin up

Time to face another day

You got this!!!

One thought on “To me… To you…

  1. Words cannot express my deepest gratitude to you upon receiving this email today. It truly warms my heart knowing that I am truly not alone, and despite everything that is presently happening around my family and me, I will continue to persevere.
    I wish you and your family continued success in all of your endeavors. Love and many Blessings always.
    Warmest Regards.


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