Today was an awesome day.

Silent Hope is a community outreach program which has events and programs in place to educate some, inform others, and connect with all in the common goal to “communicate effectively.”

We work with the

Deaf/hard of hearing community,

Autism families

Children and babies with developmental delays

Christian community

Down syndrome

And many others

In growing SH, my opportunities to interpret in the community have been minimal these past few months. I definitely miss it!!!

Today I worked with Commissioner Tony Ortiz and his AMAZING staff, not as an interpreter but as a partner in community initiatives. During my visit at City Hall I was privileged to witness a historical moment for the Communication Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, CCDHH. The CCDHH received the official proclamation for the National ASL Day in the City of Orlando. I was honored when asked by the commissioner to participate.

It takes a village.

This is my village



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